Caribbean Virtual Airlines | Announcing New Partnerships

To book a flight with us as a ‘virtual passenger’ a pro subscription is not required. Pro subscriptions are only required to fly with us as a pilot. Thanks for your inquiry :)

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Then I am going to book a flight!

What if I have no phone #? Also, you said it does not cost real money, correct @rileymoyer?

You can put in a random phone number for now. We are currently looking into ways around this issue.
And yes, these virtual services cost no money at all.

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I booked a flight but it just said where I am departing from. Where does it say my arrival airport?

Hello, to keep this thread clean I would like to take this conversation to a PM if you don’t mind. Thank you for your understanding.

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What an amazing VA, finally seeing Caribbean VAs! Great job on this! One of the most organized VAs out there. If I had time to fly for more VAs I would definitely join, Keep up the great work!



In just over 48 hours, we have received over 5 successful applications! For a relatively small VA, this means a lot to us and we are extremely proud. We already have pilots logging multiple flights throughout the beautiful Caribbean daily!

So, what are you waiting for? Join our fast growing team today and get in on the action! We have a spot waiting just for you :)


Just a suggestion to all Caribbean Staff: you might want to have a route map that goes along with your route list, just so people can visualize your flight domain.

Overall this looks like a great VA and best of luck to you all, it’ll be nice to finally have a VA focused in the Caribbean!


We value your feedback and that is definitely something we will consider. Thank you!


Check Out Our Destinations Map!

Based off of a suggestion from @CaptainDwyer, we have added a destinations map to help better visualize where we fly to. Our network might just be a little more than you think. Check it out here! Thanks again for the recommendation.

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Resuming 767 Sevice to London’s Heathrow and Gatwick Airports!

Photo credits to Andreas Fietz on

Yes, you heard that right. While the real Caribbean Airlines may have ended the lease of their 767-300 aircraft and discontinued these trans-oceanic routes doesn’t mean we have to! We wanted to give our pilots something special, and provide more variety. We are excited to see how you like flying the 767 with us! If you would like to see the Caribbean 767 in Infinite Flight, you can vote for it here. The aircraft is earned at the rank of Senior First Officer. These routes will be in our crew center momentarily! We hope everyone enjoys this exciting update.

-The Caribbean Virtual Staff Team


Event Time!

Ladies and Gentlemen, our latest event is up. Be sure to check it out for a great time!

Just a heads up- your website hasn’t been updated to show that you guys operate the 767 now(love the website and thread)

Thanks for letting us know. The issue has since been resolved. Thanks for your kind words!

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Check out our Travel Guide!

Want to get to know more about the destinations we service? Check out our travel guide! It contains details about these amazing destinations on everything from the culture, to the beaches, to the currency. You even have easy access to our booking page which allows you to book a virtual flight to any of our destinations.

Click here for the full page.

Like what you see?

Consider joining Caribbean Virtual Airlines here to fly to some of these amazing locations in Infinite Flight! We are expanding every day and promise we will not let you down.


Our Latest Event Is Up!

Our latest event is up and it is a collaboration with UPSVA! This is shaping up to be an awesome event and the flight is certainly one you will not want to miss. Sign up today, here:

See you there!


Announcing New Partnerships

Caribbean Virtual Airlines is proud to announce brand new partnerships with 6 VAs!


GlobeCast Virtual Alliance

Caribbean Virtual is a proud member of the GlobeCast Virtual Alliance. Along with 5 other VAs, we work to provide quality events, as well as codeshare agreements for pilots from all VAs to enjoy. The leaders of each Airline also form together in a group to help address any issues that their partners may be facing. With this agreement, we have 5 codeshares with each member VA, creating a grand total of 25 more routes across the world for our pilots to enjoy!


American Virtual

Caribbean Virtual is proud to announce a brand new codeshare agreement with American Virtual! With this agreement, Caribbean Virtual expands its route base further into the United States out of Miami and New York, providing even more variety for pilots. With 3 new aircraft and 6 new routes, what’s not to love?

We see this as a major step in the right direction for the future of Caribbean Virtual. Like what you see? Consider joining here; we would love to have you along for the ride.