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34_PM_2_10 About Us

We are solely based off of Caribbean Airlines, a leading carrier in the area, and the National Airline of Trinidad and Tobago. We use 100% real-world routes and procedures are modeled off of real-world operations. We strive for perfection and aim to represent Caribbean Airlines well.

34_PM_2_10 Our Promise

We promise all pilots a fun, safe, friendly, and professional environment during their time with Caribbean. We would like to give pilots the best VA experience they have ever had. We offer pilots new ways to fly and log with our Crew Center, and offer 100% of Caribbean’s real-life routes just waiting to be flown. With two aircraft and 20 destinations, what’s not to love?

34_PM_2_10 Our Advantage

We offer pilots many things that other VAs are simply not able to offer. With 20 destinations, 2 aircraft, and almost 50 routes, you are sure to be busy within our VA. We offer a professional and easy to navigate Crew Center, a realistic booking portal, a loyalty program, and an ATC division. These are all things that set us apart from the competition. But once you join, you will find that the thing that really sets us apart is our tight-knit community.

34_PM_2_10 Our Fleet

Bombardier Dash-8 Q400


Our Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 series aircraft is one of the most popular propellor aircraft. Manufactured by a Canadian company, the aircraft is used on short, inter-island routes that connect airports within the Caribbean. The Dash-8 Q400 models the ATR72, which is used in real life by Caribbean Airlines. It is flown using a generic livery in Infinite Flight. A concept design of what the livery would look like is pictured above.

Boeing 737-800


Our Boeing 737-800 aircraft is our master workhorse. Manufactured by an American Company, it is used on most of our routes. Our Boeing fleet allows people from all regions to be connected, from Canada to the Caribbean! It is flown using the beautiful Caribbean Airlines livery in Infinite Flight. An image of the aircraft is pictured to the right.

Boeing 767-200


34_PM_2_10Our Ranks

Ranks Chart


Our ranking system is outlined above. Join today and climb the ranks of Caribbean Virtual!

34_PM_2_10Loyalty Programme

Introducing the all new Caribbean Miles Loyalty programme. With our loyalty programme, we reward pilots for their dedication to our Virtual Airline. Rewards include flight time multipliers and other special perks.
See an outline of tiers and benefits on our website.

34_PM_2_10Caribbean ATC

With the all-new Caribbean Air Traffic Control Division, internally certified controllers can receive VA hours for the time they control at a Caribbean Virtual Destination. This is a great way to gain more experience in the ATC world and earn Caribbean hours while doing so! For more details and a link to apply, click here.

34_PM_2_10 Our Destinations

Caribbean flies to 20 different destinations, spread from Canada to The Islands! Wherever you are traveling within the Caribbean and beyond, travel with us. Check out our destinations as well as a travel guide here.

34_PM_2_10Crew Center

Here at Caribbean Virtual, we want to have the best for our pilots. This is why we have added all of our routes and fleet to a professional and easy to use phpVMS Crew Center. Bid on flights, see routes, file pilot reports, and gain hours in no time!

34_PM_2_10 Bookings

Looking to fly as a virtual passenger? We have decided to provide something special for both pilots & customers. With our professional, easy to use booking site, you can schedule your next trip with Caribbean. Pilots will have the option to bid on these flights, fly them, and earn 2x the hours than normal!
For more information, see the booking page on our website.

34_PM_2_10 Our Team

Our staff team is comprised of highly qualified individuals who are here to help you with anything you need. Get to know them in our VA’s slack.


President & CEO: Riley Moyer // @rileymoyer
Vice President: Plane Masta // @Plane_Masta


Chief Pilot: Marcel Wiecek // @mkwiecek
Hub Operations Manager // @Clinton_Stack1
Events Manager: Anuj Shah // @VAnuj

34_PM_2_10 Apply Now!

Like what we have to offer? Join the Caribbean Family! Why should you join? Well, that’s easy. Experience a professional, but fun atmosphere, and fly to beautiful destinations across the Caribbean and North America. Climb the ranks of our Loyalty programme to get rewarded for your work. Increase your skills by specializing in specific aircraft types. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to join today. We hope to see you flying with us soon! Please allow up to 48 hours to recieve a response :)
See the careers page on our website for application details & requirements!

34_PM_2_10 Contact Us

Still have a question, comment or concern? Feel free to private message either @rileymoyer or another Caribbean Staff Member & they will be happy to help.

You Can Also…
Email us at .
Check us out on Instagram @caribbeanva.if .
View our IFC Account @Caribbean_Virtual

Special Recognitions

I’d like to give a huge thank you to the following people. They have all significantly contributed to the advancement of the Virtual Airline and we could not be where we are today without them. Please join me in thanking the following people:


Absolutely gorgeous! Outstanding thread and can’t wait to watch this Virtual Airline expand!


I cannot wait for the future of this VA!

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Great looking VA. Best of luck from Singapore Virtual!


Thanks, all! It really means a lot.

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Really nice looking VA. One thing though. On the booking page, I would not recommend requiring a phone number for your booking. Why?

  1. Most people will put in a fake number

  2. There’s no need for it. alternatively I would recommend requiring an email, not a phone number.

Good luck! :)

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I, unfortunately, have zero control over that. You are in no way obligated to use a valid phone number, and we do not collect or store personal information. If you just log in with your Google account, its pretty seamless and just automatically puts the phone number you have stored. Thanks for your concern and well wishes!

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Wow! This is absolutely marvelous! That 737-800 flight from Canada where does it come for and go to? Sounds interesting.

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At Caribbean Virtual, It is Mandatory That You Log A Flight Every 14 Days. Pilots that have not logged a flight in 14 days will be marked as temporarily inactive. If you remain inactive for another 14 days without hearing from you, you are subject to immediate removal from the Virtual Airline. Of course, there are exceptions. If you message a staff member and have a valid reason (health, travel, family, ect.) you can be put on a leave of absence. During this time you are exempt from the activity rules. Also, you must log a flight 5 days after you join.

Only one flight every 14 days is not bad.


One of them is Toronto-Piarco


Wow. Long flight! Especially on a 737-800

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Nice to see a new VA in the business!! Best of luck from FedEx virtual!

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@rileymoyer, do I have to have Pro to book a flight? I’m hoping to book a flight but I don’t have pro. Thanks!

To book a flight with us as a ‘virtual passenger’ a pro subscription is not required. Pro subscriptions are only required to fly with us as a pilot. Thanks for your inquiry :)

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Then I am going to book a flight!

What if I have no phone #? Also, you said it does not cost real money, correct @rileymoyer?

You can put in a random phone number for now. We are currently looking into ways around this issue.
And yes, these virtual services cost no money at all.

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I booked a flight but it just said where I am departing from. Where does it say my arrival airport?

Hello, to keep this thread clean I would like to take this conversation to a PM if you don’t mind. Thank you for your understanding.

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What an amazing VA, finally seeing Caribbean VAs! Great job on this! One of the most organized VAs out there. If I had time to fly for more VAs I would definitely join, Keep up the great work!