Caribbean Photos

This photos were took on my flight from SKBO to KMIA. I was shocked by the level of detail on this new HD global scenery and I wanted to share it with you guys. I hope you enjoy it.

Server: expert
Route: SKBO - KMIA
Airline: American
Grade: 4


Last pic is awesome I love Miami 👍🏽😁nice work buddy, Scenery is really cool looks like a great route to fly

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Great photos! What was the flight time because it seems like a great route to fly

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Nice pics! I love seeing all of the beautiful scenery!

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Thank you bro! Yeah SKBO to KMIA is always a good choice… South America is beautiful. You first enjoy the mountains and elevation details and later on the Caribbean 🤙🏻

Thank you! Flight time is 3h 30 min max. Give it a try is awesome. Also departing from SVMI (Venezuela) is great because you fly near Aruba and Curacao and is beautiful

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Thank you brother !