Caribbean Holiday Getaway - American Airlines 757-200

Hi there! This is a collection of photos of my flight on the American 757-200 (callsign American 1047) from Miami to Sint Maarten. The Caribbean is a favorite destination for Americans, and of course there will be pictures featuring the famed landing on Runway 10 at Sint Maarten. Enjoy!

Server : Training
Time : 2h 29min
Route: KMIA - TNCM

At the gate. Loading passengers and cargo.

Lining up on Runway 12.

V1… Rotate…

Bye, USA!

Cruising above the Bahamas at FL360.

Perfect view of the US Virgin Islands while descending…

The 757 on final, as seen from the beach.

A smooth landing on Runway 10…

Parked at stand. Welcome to paradise.

Thank you for reading!


Lovely photos. Great job. 👍🏽

Nice shots!

Thanks a lot! It’s sad to see the AA 757 being retired.

yea, especially heart breaking when it was the first plane and airline i flew on