Caribbean airport 3D

hello I am from the French West Indies more particularly from Guadeloupe and I would have liked to make beautiful landings and take-offs on our wonderful TFFR airport and arrival at the gate.this airport connects the caribbean with france and the united states

as you see if below without 3D building it’s just a concrete ground without

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Uploading: air-journal_Pointe-a-Pitre-Gaudeloupe-aéroport-genview.jpg…
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I would have liked to see this airport accompanied by its twin sister TFFF

tell me in the comments if you agree with me


Your photos did not upload

Also the IFAET do not take requests for airports, if you want these airports 3D, then become a scenery editor. You need to wait until you can see the pictures on the right hand side, then they will be uploaded.

Hi! Carribean airports are definitely some of the best, but as of right now, IFAET isn’t taking airport requests. But don’t worry, these airports will definetely be in the sim at some point.

If you are interested in applying to become an editor and possibly do an airport yourself, I’ve linked the thread below.

Infinite Flight Airport Editing Application

thank you again for your advice I will look for the creation editor and sorry for the images that did not upload I will send it back to see if it works