Cargolux Virtual! "You name it, We fly it" Now with more codeshares! 2020 Thread

Welcome to the official Cargolux Virtual thread! Here at Cargolux Virtual we are priding ourselves on being the best Cargo Virtual Airline in the Infinite Flight Community we were founded on September 1st 2020 and we have been growing!

Our Slogan is what keeps us together and going “You name it, We fly it” that is truly our goal to transport any and all cargo around the world and have fun doing it we really hope you will join us and enjoy the thread!

Our Staff is what keeps our VA running like a well oiled machine! They will always be here to attend to the needs of the VA and our pilots.
Executive Team

CEO: @Dreadjack888
COO: @Average_Gamer
CSO: @Infinite_Josh
Human Resources: Vacant

Junior Leadership Team

Junior Leadership Team:

Events Manager: @Mar350
Routes Manager: Vacant
Recruitment Manager: Vacant
Head of Flight school: Vacant
Chief Pilot: Vacant

We also have an amazing mentor on our team who we could not function without and he is @RedMMP2612 thank you for coming and just helping us we really wish you the best and thank you!

Ranks! Here are the following Ranks we have here at Cargolux Virtual

Rank 1 = 0 - 20 Hours
Rank 2 = 20 - 50 Hours
Rank 3 = 50 - 100 Hours
Rank 4 = 100 - 150 Hours
Rank 5 = 150 - 200 Hours

We have a wide variety of Aircraft here at Cargolux Virtual with us and our Codeshares from the Mighty 747-8F to the Small Q400 with Luxair! Here they are.

Boeing 747-8F (The Workhorse)
Boeing 747-4F
Boeing 737-700 (Luxair)
Dash 8 - Q400 (Luxair)

Now we get to the fun Part! The routes that we fly here at Cargolux Virtual we fly to almost every point of the world except to Antarctica :( We know our Pilots enjoy them

Here are our Routes!

We have a wide variety of codeshare airlines! From United Virtual all the Way to Qatar Airways Virtual!

We have the following Airlines: Qatar Virtual, United Virtual, ANA Virtual, Korean Air Virtual and Jet Airways Virtual!
We are in the talking phase with alot more airlines! Stay tuned for more to come!

The Application Process!

  • When you first apply to Cargolux Virtual you will be contacted by one of our friendly staff members to get you set up

  • Then you will take our Test the test comprises of 20 questions in the span on 20 Minutes so take your time! Please note the test cannot be paused

  • If you fail the test you will have another Chance don’t worry!

  • Once you have passed you will get a link to join our slack once joined we will set you up with your callsign and badge

  • Then finally the compulsory check flight that tests your skills with other pilots and IFATC once you pass you will officially become a part of the CLXVA Family!

  • Here is the Application form!

And here are the Requirements: They are Grade 3 minimum and 13 years old and also a minimum of 100 landings and no more than 25 level 1 violations no more than 5 level 2 violations and no more than 1 level 3 violations


Wow beautiful thread. Glad to be a part of this airline!


We are glad to have you as a pilot! @Ritesh321


Looks awesome great job Ruan

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It’s looks great! Great to see the VA up and running again!


Thank you @RedMMP2612!


Lovely thread with amazing people running the VA! 😁


Thank you @Silverlink for the kind words!


Awesome Thread @Cargolux_Virtual! All the very best in the future!

-Your Friends at Finnair Virtual!


Thank you! @FinnairVA we look forward to it


Great to see you guys back up after what was almost the end of this VA. Hope to you more CLXVA callsigns in the skies!


Thank you @LordWizrak we are seeing more and more of them pop up we look forward to growing and expanding!


Welcome back, @Cargolux_Virtual!


Thank you so much @MalaysiaAirlinesVA we look forward to the future and what it holds!


Welcome back @Cargolux_Virtual! Hoping to see lots of CLXVA callsigns up in the air! One of the best recoveries ever made, the Senior Leadership team at QRV say.

Qatar Airways Virtual Leadership Team
Proud Partners of Cargolux Virtual


Ahhh Thank you @QatarAirwaysVirtual we were not going to let go and we didn’t and we have come this far and will continue to grow thank you for being a amazing airline to partner with!


What are the requirements to join?


Hey there! They are Grade 3 minimum and 13 years old and also a minimum of 100 landings and no more than 25 level 1 violations no more than 5 level 2 violations and no more than 1 level 3 violations @Vishark107


Oh man. Due to violations I have been banned from expert and became grade 2. Good luck with your VA tho 🙂


Oh no! We are really sorry about that you can count on us for when you are back we will have a callsign waiting for you!