Cargolux Special and Others @KDFW

The other day I was spotting and caught a cargolux special and a couple other cool planes

Avianca A320

Aeromexico E190

American Airlines B788

Alaska E175

Volaris A320Neo

Frontier A320Neo

Emirates B77L

American Airlines B738 with new winglet

American Airlines B738 in the Reno Air special

Cargolux B748F in the not without my mask special

Camera: IPhone 13 pro max


You did this with a-PHONE!?!?!?! Wow! I need to get the 13 pro! I’m stuck with one fat camera lense lol


The latest iPhone cameras are majorly under appreciated


Amazing pics again.

Do you mind showing on a map where you’re standing in the field at Founder’s? I kinda want to try that position.

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Another phone topic, another time my mind is blown. Great job! Good bit of variety.

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Thank you yeah the 13 pro is nice

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Definitely phone cameras have come a long ways

take out the new winglet and this topic is great ;)

Another awesome selection of pictures!

Awesome photos! I really like the Cargolux 747-8F.

Wow! Awesome photos once again!

My favourites are the Cargolux Not without my mask, American Reno Air and The Frontier A320NEO

Thank you ❤️

Lovely photos!

Thank you yeah I caught several international carriers

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Really nice

What time of day do you go

Lol 😂 it is hard in the eyes


Thank you

Me too

Thank you

I’ve miss the Reno a few times I’m happy I finally got it

Most of the day 😂


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