Cargolux Retro B747-400

Earlier today, LX-NCL rolled out the paint shop at Shannon in the livery below
This aircraft was previosuly part of CargoLogicAir. It joined the Cargolux fleet in a livery without titles from its former owner.

What do you think of this livery? Should it be added?

Credits 4 the pic?

Adrian Kissane of a Shannon Facebook Group

Oh, so this is why that Cargolux landed at EINN recently!

Looks nice I can tell you. 👍

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Really like it as well, might vote for it when 747 gets rework.

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk check discord haha

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This design has a really unique aesthetic to it.

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@anon77793723 and @anon61973336 this one’s for you!


Looks great, got my vote

p.s. Thanks @Henry


Now that’s what I call, a livery done right! Sadly, I’m out of votes, but I support this 100%, and I really hope we get this livery if the 747 is ever reworked!

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Completly agree. Looks so retro yet modern

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