Cargolux "Not Without My Mask" Boeing 747-8F

This is the funniest thing I have seen today…


This is desperately needed as a memory of this disaster of a year… lol


This parked next to the Retro livery in ELLX

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Self Promotion 100

This livery is great, I don’t think some people will like this livery. I know a few people on the forum who wouldn’t. We need some sort of comedic livery like Kulula’s 738 livery haha

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This is Hilarious😂

@anon77793723 you need to see this

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Got my vote


Imagen this for us Cargolux VA pilots 🤤 pleaseeee mayyyyy itttt beeee a thing IF 🥰


Cargolux’s reveal:

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Rolling out of Taipei’s hangar:


Best comment

they gotta take it off first of corse planes still gotta eat to yk

alright let me whip out my reserve vote for this bad boi

wondering if the mask strings can stretch all the way to the end of this long boi

This livery could be added even for version 20.2. Many are waiting for the rework of the B747 family, but the aircraft is still able to be piloted in the IF and livery fits the current season well.

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I think they should also add the Cargolux livery to the 747–400 and also the whale sanctuary livery on the 747 400

How will it look when the cargo door opens?

He can only take it off when he is eating a.k.a. putting cargo in through the front cargo door

I think I’ll throw a vote to the wind for this one. When the 747 is reworked, we’ll hopefully get a few special liveries like this one!

With the recently announced changes to the feature request category, this feature no longer meets the following criteria:

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