Cargolux Boeing 747-8 "Cutaway" Livery

Cargolux Boeing 747-8 “Cutaway” Livery

Hello IFC!

Today I have a livery request for one of the more unique liveries out there, on possibly the best aircraft and operator combinations there is!


LX-VCM | Boeing 747-8R7F | Cargolux Airlines International | RenylsonMarques | JetPhotos
LX-VCM | Boeing 747-8R7F | Cargolux Airlines International | Jehu Monterroso | JetPhotos

Important Aircraft Information

Registration: LX-VCM
Airframe: Boeing 747-8R7F
Operator: Cargolux
First Flight: 30/07/15
Age: 4.8 years
Country of Registration: Luxembourg
Latest flight: CV3516, OEDF-VHHH

Now, before you go down in the replies and say that you are only allowed one picture per request, the livery has two different designs on each side of the aircraft, so therefore to give you the best idea of what this may look like in IF, I need to show you both sides of the aircraft… Also I have got moderator approval Thanks @Marc :) to have 2 pictures in this request. Now, onto some more information!

What is Cargolux?

Cargolux is a Luxembourgian cargo airline with its hub based at Luxembourg Airport. It operates around 28 aircrafts to 90 destinations. Cargolux operates an all wide body fleet and moreover it it was also the launch customer for the B747-400ERF and currently it operates 6 of them. It was also the Launch customer for B747-8 and currently operates 14. China Airlines was the airline to sign a strategic partnership deal with Cargolux. In 1983 Cargolux also operated some charter passenger flights for Hajj pilgrimage which is quite uncommon for a cargo airline to do in those days. For the year 2018 Cargolux made its spot in the top 10 Cargo companies. Cargolux is

What is the 747-8?

The 747-8 is a widebody aircraft made by the Boeing Company of the United States. The 747 is a household name in the world of aviation, with Boeing creating 6 different variations over the years of its existence. The first 747, the -100 was first flown on the 9 February, 1969. Since then, the -200, -300,-SP, -400 and -8 have been created, each with better technology and performance upgrades. The 747 used to be a primarily passenger aircraft, but now days with more fuel economic aircraft such as the 787 and A350 being developed, the 747 is becoming inferior. However, the 747 is perfect for Cargo operations due to its high payload and long range. This gives the aircraft a new lease of life. Notable airlines that operate the 747-8F are Cargolux, UPS, ABC, All Nippon Cargo and Atlas Air.

Boeing 747-8 - Wikipedia

What is this livery?

This special livery was designed for Cargolux's 45th birthday, by Belgian cartoonist Phillipe Cruyt. It is meant to show all of the great things the premium, legacy cargo airline has carried. From a shipment of llamas (one of which is spitting in the caretaker’s face), a stagecoach out of the American Wild West, a space capsule, race horses, race cars and a giraffe. I have mentioned only a few things that are on this aircraft, imagine if we could see all of these in IF!

Why this livery?

I believe this will be a popular livery inside this sim as it would encourage pilots to fly cargo more often, even maybe get ELLX more popular. I also think that it is a very cool livery, and in general people will enjoy flying in this livery. I would also be very cool to have in the sim for Cargolux Virtual, this may allow for more realistic routes to be flown inside the VA. **

This post is moderator approved, all sources of information will be linked in the sources dropbox below


LX-VCM | Boeing 747-8R7F | Cargolux Airlines International | RenylsonMarques | JetPhotos
LX-VCM | Boeing 747-8R7F | Cargolux Airlines International | RenylsonMarques | JetPhotos
Boeing 747-8 - Wikipedia
Cargolux - Wikipedia
LX-VCM - Boeing 747-8R7(F) - Cargolux - Flightradar24

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Learn more about Cargolux Virtual here!

Thanks to @indraniel for helping me out with this request :)

Thank you all for veiwing the feature request, if you would love to see this livery come to life in IF, please feel free to drop a vote :)

Beautiful livery! You are only allowed one image, however.


Thanks @Altaria55, I have mod approval to have 2 :)


Weird, it doesn’t require two pictures to get the livery across, but okay.


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The livery is different on both sides of you look closely 😜

@Aero an exceptional feature request, you’ve earned a vote


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This feature request is amazing too!

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Reminds me of the jetBlue Blueprint livery.

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That is a strange livery, I like it :)


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That livery reminds me of something:

Captain Joe, not Joe Mama


I’m pretty sure when everyone sees Cargolux they automatically think of Cpt Joe lol