Cargolux B744 @ MAA

Cargolux Boeing 747 ;)
LX-UCV at VOMM\MAA (Chennai)
Taken on 23rd April 2015 :)

Nikon D3100



Nice, miss the April sky, a little breeze and freakin hot ;). Last time I was @ MAA was Feb/2004.

Its just more Hot now ;) Cool. Feb is nice here

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Really!! lol You sounds like politician with your global worming theory. k,ok i take your words and you witnessed it. Hmm next time I go I’ll be moaning like crazy. I don’t think it’ll be new to me anyways We moan all day about weather in England, it’s part of life here.

Hahaha, It is just 40 max during April. I’m not a politician please :P

Who would say no to being politician in India!! I’ll take it anyday. :p

Good money! great cheatings No sense of helping And goes on, But lets keep it On-Topic here :)

Yep topic. (I was thinking to say in 3 word, be a scum…you’re qualified ;). Back to topic

Any pix of that Blue Dart 757-200F?

Yes, will post it soon ;)