Cargolux 747-400F

Cargolux 747-400F

Image credits: David Barrie via Flickr

Hello IFC, I am requesting the Cargolux livery to be added to the Boeing 747-400 aircraft. I think this livery would be great in Infinite Flight due to its modern design, and because it would also complete the current Cargolux fleet. They have four of these aircraft in their fleet.


Metric Imperial
Maximum take-off weight 396 900 kg 875 000 lbs
Maximum revenue payload 113 000 kg 249 000 lbs
Wing span 64,40 m 211 ft
Height 19,40 m 63 ft
Overall length 70,70 m 232 ft
Cabin width (floor level) 5,90 m 19 ft
Cabin length 56,40 m 185 ft
Typical volume capacity
Main Deck 610,1 m3 21645 ft3
Lower compartments (bellies) 130,3 m3 4601 ft3
Bulk 14,7 m3 520 ft3

Data sources:

Two things,

  1. I love the idea, and personally, I think that it could be included in a rework, because what’s a fresh livery without a fresh plane?

  2. Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source, it can be edited by anyone.

That’s what your teacher tell you as a kid, but it’s actually pretty reliable and heavily moderated.

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Did you see how ‘Aviation Memes Part 3’ was shut down? It was mainly because of the person who kept editing it (Wikipedia).

Take it in a PM if you want to further talk about it.