Cargojet Airways Boeing 767-300F

CargoJet Airways Boeing 767 Freighter 🇨🇦

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About this Livery:

  • This current aircraft is operated by CargoJet Airways, a National Canadian Cargo distributor that carries heavy payloads of Cargo all over Canada, United States and Europe.

  • This livery has not changed for a long time, and stays in a Retro looking style. In my opinion this livery is a beauty. It gives me great memories.

  • It has up to 25 aircrafts operating today. That includes the Boeing 757F.

  • It makes Cargo routes all over Canada and the Untied States, including most of the US Regional Airports in the South West regions continuing from Canada. It also makes international routes throughout Europe including United Kingdom and Germany.

  • Their home airport or “hub” is located in John C. Munro “Hamilton” International Airport. Their secondary hub is located in Montreal.

About CargoJet Airways:

Destinations // Flight Schedule!

  • Please take a look on their file below for more information: Canada, USA, International.

Why I would want this livery for Infinite Flight:

  • In my opinion, Canada needs more Freighters. CargoJet Airways is one of the most recognised Cargo Haulers in Canada, and widely known all over United States and Europe. It will definately give a great advantage for any long haul routes, or any Expert ATC Schedule, routes… As I explained above about the livery, we need more awesome looking liveries like this one, that also includes more Boeing 767Freighters for any soft rework.

I have this in mind it is a duplicate. I will flag the older topic. Reasons why I created a new one:

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Thanks for the great response. Fully agree!

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That is a -300F, not a -200F

In the picture, yes. But CargoJet also uses the 767-200F in their fleet. So that should not matter.

Well, can’t you find a picture of a -200F so users can see what they are voting for first hand, and not having to search?

I would love to see this in Infinite Flight! I used to spot these all the time in Hamilton! :)


Yep, they look awesome. Thanks for voting! Hamilton is their home airport. They fly there many times daily.

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Bumping this Cargo livery, what do you all think?

They also operate 767-300ER’s though.

I see this Airline a lot at my local airport East Midlands…They fly in from Cincinnati.Would love to see this.

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I find the retro look for this cargo jet very nice and I just thought of adding this feature topic. I would love to see this in the future 767 rework!