CargoJet 777-300ERSF

CargoJet 777-300ERSF

CargoJet just recently announced they as they will be receiving 2 777-300ERSF’s for their International routes in 2023 with an additional 2 in 2024. Although this is a concept, it shows the great portrayal of what it may look like.

These 4 77F’s are planned to fly to the erupting South Asian market, North American Cities, South American Cities, and select European Cities.

Source from CargoJet Official

Why Should it be Added?

This overall is probably going to be my favorite 777-300ERSF livery in general. It’d open up Canadian Cargo routes and would be our first CargoJet livery.

CargoJet’s Expansion

CargoJet in total is planned to receive 5 more 767 freighters that are planned to be received in Q3 2021. Along with this and the 4 777-300ERSF, they plan on completing full heavy maintenance on all their aircraft by 2021 of Q3. CargoJet also plans on adding multiple new North American cities to their route database.

More about the 777-300ERSF

The 777-300ERSF nicknamed “The Big Twin” is a prototype of the known 777-300ER, this new variant will be Cargo / Passenger style. It will be almost like the 777-200F but 25% more fuel efficient, and able to carry much more cargo. This new variant is expected to enter service by 2022 with Kallita Air as the launch customer. It plans to replace all aging MD-11F and 747-400 freighters.


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Now this I can get behind! Canadian company 🇨🇦

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I know its real but it looks so photoshopped

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It is, it’s a concept

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Cursed, but in a good way. Might drop a vote if I feel so inclined.

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Oh but still a 777-300F looks weird

Cant wait for it

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I wonder what those windows are for at the back 🤔


Looks like crew or passenger seating 😏 @Altaria55

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