Cargo weight and balance - more at front or back?

I find that in some aircraft especially the 787, the nose up attitude in cruise seems to be a bit much. I know that airliners cruise with the nose slightly up attitude. I have played around with more cargo at the front than the back and vice versa. Even at light load and cruise of mach 0.85 (max for 787) the nose up attitude still seems more… What should I do as to balancing cargo to ensure nose up attitude in cruise is not too high??

With the 787 - it’s been accepted in the IFC to use Flaps 5 in cruise to lower the nose.

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What??? For real???

Yeah…I know 🤣

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The 787 cruises using that angle anyway, no real use worrying since that is how its supposed to be.

Does it?!?! huh…ok

Aft CG (still before the pressure point) safes fuel. This is because the general setting of the horizontal stabilizer will be less in this way resulting less drag. Always check the load sheet for a particular aircraft for optimal loading and performance.

I typically strap the cargo to the belly of the aircraft

I used flaps to lower the nose without even knowing that it was allowed lmaoo, that’s wild.

wait what??? where did you’ve be seen that?? this not exist

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Trim doesn’t affect fuel in IF

787 uses the flaps mechanism to extend the wing slightly in cruise to improve fuel efficiency. That’s why it’s accepted to use flaps 5 to mimic this and also save fuel. Flaps 15 saves even more fuel but that’s too far for anything but range pushes.

Do you have the source of that information?

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