Cargo Vs. Passenger

Hi everyone, this question is for pilots or anyone who really knows about this sort of thing. I want to be a pilot, but I’m not sure whether I want to be a Passenger airline pilot or a Cargo airline pilot. My questions on the matter are:
-Pay rates

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Two different sectors in the aviation field and too broad of a question to answer.

Pay will be about the same give or take depending on the company. Experience also about the same. What it will come down to is what schedule do you prefer. Flying mainly at nights or daylight. Wearing uniform or wearing tee shirt and shorts.

Lifestyle will differ vastly too. Usually when you start into a cargo company you will be on call quiet a bit(same is true for most corporate gigs) and I am not talking about ups or FedEx. I am talking about feeder planes.

Here my friend who works for a cargo company flying 20,000 chicks to Mexico.


regional airline or commercial side of things you will have a set schedule a month put with hard days off.

Any other specific questions feel free to ask :)


Any reason why they are red?


I can’t be sure but I’m thinking blood


Looks to some sorta paint rubbed off from the box. Don’t think it’s blood.

**no Chics were harmed in this flight ** :)


only freighter flight to onboard you chick DGR AVI.
At tha aircraft side
It is a subtle vulnerability to climate change, as well as a not breathe.
Sensitivity to loud noises scare easy last shipment onlaod to FWD cargo compartment door .

Special customs clearance documents to confirm the diagnosis with livestock procedure is very cumbersome. High-risk case, claim the product is damaged.
Higt priority forword to

May be you can do it sir
Good luck sir

Uhhh… What?

That’s interesting. They left yellow and arrived red 😂. I see some red ink or something on the box which is probably what it is as you said.

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Everyone please stop with the Chicks I made this post to ask a question not people going nuts over whether some baby birds were harmed or not. Back on topic, please.

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The rates are similar. Cargo is a lot more night flying while passenger is primarily daytime. It’s more of a lifestyle decisions than anything else.

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Did you not read my lengthy response? You are welcome.

The chicks are on topic. In cargo you don’t just take boxes.

You take live stock, dangerous chemicals, and such.

I suppose the good part about cargo is the passengers don’t complain about delays. Then again you are also transporting stuff that could be dangerous.

As for the chicks they probably just dyed their feathers to identity them. I know they do this occasionally with sheep to make sure there isn’t a mix up during transportation.

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