Cargo Summit / VHHH - OMDB {B77F, MD-11F & B748}

The Cargo Summit was my first ever event in the IF Community. This event was hosted by @MAFiA & in collaboration with @sanketpandia on 22nd of August!

We took off from the world’s largest cargo airport Hong Kong International Airport 🇭🇰 & landed at one of the famous cargo stopover Dubai International Airport 🇦🇪 with 3 best freight aircrafts Boeing 777 & 747-8 as well as MD-11…!!

Flight Report

Flight time: Approx 8 hours
Expert Server


Emirates B77F


Cargolux B748


Pushback & Engine Start…

Taxing to Runway.

TOGA & Take-off!

@sanketpandia rotating!!

Exiting Runway at OMDB, followed by @SirMarkieMark on short final.

Taxing to Cargo Gate…

At Gate with @ng123 on final & others coming in for landing!

I would like to thank @sanketpandia, @SirMarkieMark, @ng123, @David_ZGGG & @Bobby_Burg for joining the event & making it a wonderful one!!

Credits: @DubaiVirtual, @anon61973336 & @UPSVirtual for sponsoring the event…

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Thank you, much love & peace ✌️♥️


The 747 just looks magnificent here

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Exactly! 😍

Thanks sir. It was a beautiful event. looking forward to flying more with you

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Check out the take-off one!! It looks absolutely stunning… @sanketpandia

Your welcome!! Cheers…

Yes. I have already kept a screenshot of it and sent it some friends. She’s just gorgeous. All the time. Everytime


Brilliant shots! :)

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Thank you so much!! @ytongmatt

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Amazing mate !!

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Thanks mate!! @Raveesh

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