Cargo On Flights (Pounds)

I want to have realistic weights on my flights and my fuel and passengers are realistic, but not so much with my cargo (I don’t think). How much cargo would a narrow body plane (737,757,A320) carry on a flight. I am also curious about a wide body plane (A350,777) and how much cargo that would hold on a flight. Same with a regional plane (CR9,CR7,E170) and how much cargo that would hold on a flight. Please let me know, thank you!

I often use 20kg baggage per passenger
Some airlines will also perform express delivery service so maybe it’s more than that.

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So for cargo weight:
CEJ7/9: 20 pounds for a valet bag, up to 50 pounds for a regular checked bag, and anything over 50 pounds is a “heavy bag”. So realistically you could make a load sheet and use those weights and just use simple multiplication and addition.

The other narrow bodies you can do the same with the weights but take out the valet bags weight.

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For me it depends how long the flight is. How long was the flight?

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a 777-300ER can carry up to 9 large cargo containers that typically weigh 2,000Kg (4,400 pounds) so almost the full cargo weight in IF

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for long hauls normally load the same weight of cargo as I have of passengers (don’t recommend it if you have more than 260 passengers tho; for this case I’d use 75% of the passengers weight) considering that most airlines today not only carry luggage but also other types of cargo (that are usually carried by cargo aircraft)

for short hauls I load half the weight of the passengers in cargo (160 passengers; about 6000 kilos of cargo for example)

It obviously changes from aircraft to aircraft and also depends on the amount of fuel you’re carrying. Sometimes you may end up not burning enough fuel to get to your destination below MLW, which is the case of CRJs and Embraers most of the time


About an average domestic flight 2-5 hours and with international 6-9 hours.

I normally determine the amount of passengers, then I add 25 lbs to 45 lbs of cargo a passenger, depending on the amount of passengers and the fuel load, and sometimes the length of the runway I’ll be taking off from.

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Depending on the airline, you are also often contracted to carry mail and other cargo other than baggage, that’s something important to take into account.

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