Cargo in C130/C17

Seeing some sort of cargo in the bays of the C130/C17 would be a nice addition to the planes.

Please can you Provide some picture and more details .


Would love to see a MOAB in the C-130 ;)


You are a regular

You should know how to create a good #features topic. As mentioned, proving a photo of some sort would be great.


And do you mean ‘in’ instead of ‘is’ in the title?

He wants to see cargo… What you can’t imagine what cargo looks like?


@Clouds Want Photo, here’s associated C-17 photos as requested and a MOAB cargo deployment sequence from a 130 (Now that’s cargo)



I am really confused…

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He’s asking for “visible” cargo inside of a C130/C17. When we add load/weight to the C130, the aircraft is heavy but we don’t see the actual cargo that is placed inside of the aircraft


Yes! That is a must have! 😉


What details do you need that he hasn’t already provided? Just a simple cargo request in the C130 should be self explanatory…


No I can’t since i’ve been taught to be specific.

@Maxmustang already provide ,he’s showing what kind of cargo like exemple we can see using depending the aircrafts.


Googled “Cargo in C130”. Took less than 10 seconds Mr. Specific


I get it guys… my bad. As I didn’t care what was added as cargo and that possibilities are endless, I didn’t think following the one photo limit would really do it any justice.

There is also NO requirement to add a photo.

It could be a big black connex box, the MOAB, hmmvv’s, and countless other stuff.

Cargo in general, without listing out 100 or more items is as specific as “cargo” needs to be.

Just be happy it wasn’t a livery request lol.


He literally just said the possibilities are endless and that he doesn’t care what type of payload they’re lifting. There’s no reason for this level of explicit detail when pertaining to a subject as broad as what type of military or humanitarian equipment a military cargo aircraft can carry. Just slap some humvees or cargo pallets with equipment in there and call it a day.

I’ll concede on the photo however, I’m not sure whether or not having photo credits in the photo itself is enouch credit to the owner of the photo (wow say that three times fast).

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As the OP said, no need to add a photo if they don’t want to. I just helps to add to the post 🙂


what if as you add more cargo in weight in ballances more cargo shows up?

That would be sick, at a certain weight level you get something different?

So lighter weight could be troops or pallets of stuff and heavier could be the hmmvvs and what not?

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Yeah that would be amazing!

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