Cargo Heavies at Hong Kong

You sure the Asiana is a conversation? Looks like a freighter from the beginning to me (looking at the bump)! Anyways nice photos!

Oh yeah you’re right, thanks!

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Amazing photos!

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Great photo! Sure is a shame that the Skydeck closed, I’ll miss spotting there with my friends…

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Absolutely amazing! Reminds me of the days when I lived in Hong Kong where I used to go to the skydeck and watch those 747s takeoff and land. Unfortunately I moved to York in the UK now where the closest international airport is a 1+ hour train journey.

VHHH has no decent spots and I’m genuinely pissed. They closed down the Skydeck because they’re revamping T2, which means the entrance to AVSECO is also off limits. 沙螺灣 is way too far from the airport, not to mention there’s no shade and an infrequent ferry service so you either miss the ferry or get baked in the sun. All the other locations only work well if you have a huge ass lens along with a good DSLR. What the authorities should do is put some kind of pedestal or elevated platform at the end of 07R (near HAECO) so that people can take pictures of aircraft taxiing without that stupid two layer fence obstructing the view, but of course, why would they care?

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Thanks mate, Hong Kong sure is a great place if you love 747s!

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Yeah I never got to spot there but still it’s a shame it closed.

Hong Kong is like a second home to me. It’s really sad to see everything including the spotting facilities crumbling…

Hong Kong overall is dead, no hope honestly. On the subject of planespotting, I think the fact that there are a lack of decent spots sucks because VHHH is a huge airport with a great variety of traffic. It’d be pretty cool if they cordoned off sections in the terminal for planespotters.

And we all know why. Anyway, enough politics.

However, as you said before, there aren’t any feasible and reachable spots anymore, unless you want to make the spotting a day trip and go to 沙螺灣 using the ferry.

Tried 沙螺灣 and it only works if you have a decent camera and huge lenses, overall an inconvenient location.

I have a huge lens and tripod, so I’m good.

Well then, you’re either gonna get baked or miss the ferry.

Ooh! I had no idea egyptair had cargo! I love that livery. Great shots!

Yeah me neither, thank you!

Great pics! Keep it up! I love the Egyptair A330!

BTW I fixed your A350 shot 😉

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These are some great photos! It’s nice to have a community of global members so we can see photos taken by other users around the world.


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Love the pictures! The A350 is the best picture imo.

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Nice catches! I see we have an upcoming airlines during this crisis… The Pole!!

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