Cargo Heavies at Hong Kong

Hey there everybody,

The virus situation in Hong Kong has been pretty stable for the past couple weeks, so I decided to go spotting this past weekend. Pictures are from May 1st (07R arrivals), and May 3rd (25L arrivals).

Almost all flights into Hong Kong are cargo flights these days, as you will see. In addition, Hong Kong is only using one runway given the current traffic levels, which provide for some different angles than what you’re used to at HKG.

Enjoy! Feedback is appreciated!

May 1st // 07R arrivals

A UPS 747-8F arriving from Anchorage.

A third of EgyptAir’s (ugly) freighter fleet over the threshold arriving from Cairo.

May 3rd // 25L Arrivals

Beginning the freighter caravan is this Asiana 744F arriving from Changi.

Next in line is this ANA 763F finishing it’s segment from Narita.

Another Anchorage arrival.

A rare sight, this AeroTransCargo 747 was arriving from Karaganda.

Captain Joe? Is that you?

United has been consistently operating flights to Hong Kong for the past weeks, but I’m pretty sure they are cargo only flights. Notice how all of the windows are open and you can even see some pallets in the cabin I think.

Cathay A359 from Heathrow ft. pole.

And finally, an Atlas Air military charter arriving from the Seoul area.

Thanks for watching! I have some more photos, if you want to see them feel free to PM.

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How can you possibly see that as ugly? I hope you’re not talking about the livery…

Really nice photos.


Not the livery, just the aircraft. Just my opinion though.

A330’s are cursed in general. It’s that one widebody with range deficiencies, and heck, it doesn’t even have a level cabin floor so the freighter requires that even uglier hump to level the entire fuselage, wack.

I thought traffic died down at VHHH, but I guess freight ops are all go.


Looks like an A330-200 converted from passenger to freighter. Doesn’t look all that bad to me.

Not this one, it’s a conversion 😉
Keep in mind Airbus started development on it in the mid-1970s.

Once again, just my opinion.

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You mean the A300/310? The A330 was derived from the A300 but wasn’t in development in the 70’s.

Still has that weird nose down attitude because it uses the A300 nose gear.

Freight ops even stronger than before. I think we’re also starting to see some more passenger repopulation. Slowly but surely.

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Huh, maybe now’s the time to plane spot, just hope there’s more sunshine often for great pictures.

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The A330 was launched in 1987. It often takes over a decade to design new aircraft, and multiple sources say Airbus started designing A300 derivatives in the mid-1970s. Anyway, why are we talking about this here? Google is your friend.
Here is info on the conversion of this particular aircraft.

Yeah, and I’m just stating mine :)

These are really nice pictures 😊

Thank you!

Ah my bad then. Still ain’t a true long haul widebody so yeah, but everybody’s entitled to their own opinions.

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As far as passenger repopulation is concerned I really hope we take things very slow and don’t just rush to start flying😭.

It’s too risky and can backfire pretty badly.

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Nice photos!

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Yeah, that’s true. I’m sure the airlines and governments will be cautious when reopening the industry.

Incredible pictures!

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@Luke_King-kong @LilDreamliner thanks guys!

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Great photos!

Glad you liked them!

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