Cargo gates at LAX for DHL

What cargo gates are DHL at at LAX?
A link of a map would be great.

Yeah, always on the Left side of RWY 25L, Easy.

You can also search it on google :)

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But where on the left side?

The southern part of the chart.

Edit: Correct me If there’s another part

I believe @KindaTartySliceOfPie is asking what specific part of the left side of 25L DHL parks at. Like the actual gates they park at, not the general area. Also, I am of no help. I know nothing about LAX.

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Okok I understood

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The red circle is for FedEx, the others for any Cargo Airlines

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They use FedEx Cargo 12 and 13 and Southeast Cargo 1 and 2

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DHL does?.

Yes, DHL and it’s operators (Kalitta Air and Southern Air)

Yeah, but not only DHL and FedEx. Many other cargo airlines operates in these zones

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