Cargo Flight // Enjoy the ATC services // Great Shots

Special thanks to @CPT_Colorado and @Chris_Hoss for the ATC service. Good Day~

Sercver: Expert Server ; Flight Plan : ENGM ( Oslo Airport ) ~ ULLI ( Pulkovo Airport ) ;
Aircraft: Aerologic B77F ; Flight Time: 1h40m ; Callsign: FGS-0540

Here are some shots during the flight~

p1: Loading… @Jxshua ( SAS A359 ) ;

p2: Prepare for pushback

p3: Wow~ I see a B717 ! @Lufthansa061 it’s you~

p4: Taxi to Rwy 19R… @Kauan_borowiak ( TBM-930 )

p5: Beautiful B777-200F, prefect cargo plane!

p6: FGS-0540, clear for immediately take off~

p7: Cruising at FL370.

p8: Short final at Rwy 10R, ULLI

Thanks for your watching ! Wish you like these shots !

Which is your favorite shot ?
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That is one aligned plane in picture 8
Nice pics

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Thanks~ My friend~

great shots! :)

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Thank you~ bro

That final approach shot with the camera looking down the runway and the moon rising hits hard! great shots!

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Thanks a lot~ Mate~

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