Cargo Flight / Cancún (MMUN) - Miami (KMIA)

Cargo International Flight

Photo 1: Parallel landing with Cathay Pacific B77W at Cancún. (He landed 12L and me 12R)

Photo 2: After unloading cargo, Taxiing to RWY12L while @DeerCrusher lands at RWY12R.

Photo 3: A heavy takeoff with a bit of crosswind.

Photo 4: The same angle but Gears going up.

Photo 5: Over Cuba´s FIR, I encountered traffic in flight inbound to Cancún. (A difference of 1,000 feets)

Photo 6: Approaching into Miami International inbound on the ILS RWY27. (Over Miami Beach)

Photo 7: Parked at Miami International´s Cargo City, A HiFly A330 NEO taking-off RWY26L.


How fast was DeerCrusher flying down final? 😜


The B777F looks so good…I usually don’t fly cargo planes but I might fly it!

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The appropriate speed to land haha, nice to meet u!

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