Cargo Fight! - East Midlands Landing Competition @ EGNX - 121300ZJAN19

Cargo Fight!

East Midlands Landing Competition


Ready, set, GO!

In this event we will have a ‘Cargo Fight’ Landing Competition at East Midlands.
We invite DHL, FedEx and AeroLogic aircraft to the landing competition. We will have a judge that will rate the landings in three different categories:

-Approach Smoothness

Whoever wins will get a prize (only if they are in my VA, not giving details in public as it is not approved yet, PM me for details).

*If they aren’t in my VA, no reward is given.

(i) Details

-Time: 2019-01-12T13:00:00Z
-Airport: EGNX / East Midlands Airport
-Event Type: Landing Competition (LC)
-Route: EGBB / Birmingham -> EGNX / East Midlands
-Flight Time: 0:15 (15 minutes)
-Server: Casual (no trolling please)

Preffered Aircraft Available Aircraft Liveries
B777-200F B757 DHL, AeroLogic, FedEx


If you want to join the landing competition, please comment down below

Attendees list


  • Do not troll at this landing competition event.
  • Using APPR to land is restricted. You may only use it to line up with the runway.
  • The landing runway at EGNX will be 27.
  • The takeoff runway at EGBB will be 15.
  • Act professionally as we are on Casual Server.
  • Enjoy the event!


  1. Judge #1 will be the judge of Approach Smoothness.
  2. Judge #2 will be the judge of Centerline, Smoothness.


Position User
Judge #1 @Matthew_20204
Judge #2
Spectator @SpeedPlayz

Enjoy the event!

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Can I join

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Of course!

Can i be a judge

Sure! Judge #1 or #2?

#1 please!!

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Roger that!

can i be judge 2?

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Hey, can I join? B777 callsign fedex 117

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Please can I be judge 2

Of course!

Sorry but someone else took the position

So what must i do just joing and go on free camera…How will this work can you explane?

Just spawn in any aircraft at a random gate and then go to tower view and keep double clicking till you get a view of the aircraft that’s on final and you rate the approach smoothness eg if their aircraft is slowly going down, if they are controlling their vertical speed well, if their aircraft isn’t all ‘wobbly’ etc

Can I be in an md11

We only allow the B777F, B757 and B767 we are only allowing boeing aircraft

The MD11 is from McDonell Douglas

Oh ok cool I’ll come in a B777

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Great! Enjoy the event!

Actualy you can give my position to someone else its really not most comftarble time for me…Sorry for all the hesitation…

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