Cargo Doors Animation

Hi everyone, here is a new topic for the Working doors on:
And Cargo aircrafts

Photo by me
I would also suggest to set 1 switch per Door, (1 door switch for the front, one for the back and one for the Bulk )
Bulk = is the last loadable section of the cargo bay of a jet airplane, that you can see in the green circle.

The doors will be unable to open till the engines are running and the engines start will be unable when the doors are opened.

This animation will be motion in low speed for more realism, In real life that system is REALLY slow…

share andVote if you like that feature request ; )

You can already see this on the MD-11, CRJ and XCub, just so you know. Therefore, it’s already part of the devs’ standards for detail.


that’s right, there’s no news for this on the A350 yet…

maybe that would help

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When asked about doors, cabins etc, they have repeatedly said things to the extent of “we don’t like to stop trends” so I think they are plenty aware…

This, one day, this will probably be on every aircraft, as Nate said above its the Devs standard now.

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