Cargo Delivery

I thing we should be able to deliver cargo and passengers and such like jobs like “Bring 20 packages from LAX to San Diego”


Sorry bud , your going to have to wait till you are TL2 , there are no loopholes around this. I admire your ambition thou…

Your post is just going to end up getting flagged and removed.


Just be active on forums and read and like post and you will be able the share all your great ideas

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Your title doesn’t reflect what your post is about at all. That’s what the crow is saying to you. The features category is speaking to you also. It’s yelling over the crow, “Please wait to post to me!”.

Welcome to the forum. :)

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What’s this “I thing” you’re talking about, oh my, you can’t mean the iPhone 8!

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This seems something a VA would do

Hi, I see you are fairly new to the forums. So welcome!

Anyways, you sadly are restricted to certain categories for a reason. People really only want trustworthy and fairly active and engaging members to be able to post in important categories. You will reach Member soon enough by staying active and being a good forum member.

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