Cargo and then some @KDAL

Hello IFC! Earlier this week I got to take my new camera out spotting for the first time and here’s some of the shots!

N8722L arriving in from Denver aka @A320_Flyerboy19 Kingdom (as Ive been corrected)

N255WN slowing down after arriving in from the Midwestern city of Kansas City

N8511K rocketing off to Southwests other Texas hub of Houston Hobby

N731SA slowing down after they’re flight from the Sin City of Las Vegas, Nevada

N412WN slowing down after coming in from Reagan National airport in the greater Washington DC area

N8556Z arriving in from its morning flight from San Jose, California

N7811F taking off for @A320_Flyerboy19 kingdom

N914WN rocketing off for its flight up to Kansas City

Now it’s time for what you came for the Cargo planes

First off we had N833US an ex-Delta MD-88 that had been converted into a MD-88(MF) for use by USA Jet this plane was definitely a pleasant surprise

Finally we have N403LC a non-military C130 coming in from Columbus, Ohio

Thank for stopping by and please participate in the polls

Camera Equipment 📷
Nikon D3400
Nikkor 70-300mm

Favorite Shot
  • N8722L
  • N255WN
  • N8551K
  • N731SA
  • N412WN
  • N8556Z
  • N7811F
  • N914WN
  • N833US
  • N403LC

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Wow, these are amazing!

You sure got some nice shots there. Nice work!

Oml Will, you were supposed to tag me for moral support 😡, nice shots, I flew on 255 in April too

Nice shots Will! That MD-80 is gorgeous!

Wow!! Awesome shots!! Congratulations on the new gear!

Thank you


Lol sorry anyways lol you didn’t even talk to me while I was at DAL but that’s cool you flew 255

Thanks I love the mad dog

Thank you


Thank you very much for getting it right!


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Your welcome

It’s kinda a SWA hub

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DFW Next time pwease!

Can You tell me what new equipment you got I’m currently looking for a camera

Omg Southwest yayayayayaya

10/10 from me! Amazing shots!

It’s Dallas Love, Southwest’s main hub; might as well be called “Dallas Southwest Airlines International Airport” 😂

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National not international we have no international flights from love

Ok Wyatt I will


Lol actually before DFW the big airport in the Dallas area was Greater Southwest International


Nikon D3400 and a 70-300mm lens

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me waiting for another airline then realizing this is Dallas 😟

Sick Pictures tho! Southwest Heart Livery is just so spicy

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