Cargo and baggage load calculations

Fuel planners for flight simulators are readily obtainable. However adding realistic cargo weights
and /or passenger baggage is hard to find typical load charts or calculators. Its easy to wing it by assuming most passenger with checked luggage are using around 75 Lbs. +/- total. Unless I’m wrong
As for cargo ?? Not sure
So does anybody have any REALISTIC formulas ??

Thanks Captdoug56

Answered part of my own question …
Example : American Airlines has a max checked bag weight of 50 lbs. and 75 lbs for business/first class passengers. So that’s a good start.

Still looking at cargo/freight loading
feedback still welcomed thanks

Here’s what I usually do, for flying short/medium hauls.

  • Work out how many pax I’m taking (let’s say 150)

  • 150÷2=75

  • 75pax at 15kg baggage

  • 75pax at 20kg baggage

  • 75x15=1,125kg

  • 75×20=1,500kg

  • 1,125+1,500=2,625kg

Usually works for holiday flights. If I’m feeling lazy I’ll just do all at one luggage weight. It’s not an exact solution, I doubt there is one, but it’s close enough for me.

Sorry I don’t have imperial measurements.

That’s helpful and worth working with
thank you !
I think once the maximum weight per bag
permissible is determined the rest is subject. Lol I calculate everything in pounds…so I keep busy converting. thanks

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