Cargo airlines loading time

I was just wondering how long do cargo airlines load cargo for

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That really depends on what type of cargo is being loaded. Loading containers is done in almost no time but bigger things which aren’t fitting in standard containers are taking longer of course. Lufthansa Cargo has an average layover of 2.5hrs, just to have a rough estimate.

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Thanks but when you said it depends what cargo big small etc I was meaning to make it realistic in infinite doing a flight and staying the time ups or fedex roughly makes loading

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They will actually regularly sit there doing nothing all day. Because they fly at night. So I’d assume they could turn a plane around in ballpark 2 hours, but they will sometimes sit there for 10+ hours…

So if I start a flight from lax I would like to know how much time they load cargo for you explained Well

Just like if the airlines do a 10-30 min drill for loading etc how much is for cargo

To clarify I mean how much time do they open there door load then close and depart for

Already answered that above. :)
Take 2.5hrs as an estimate.

I’m sure you could use Google to find more answers to your questions.

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We do an hour to load, preflight, have our packets, and on turns it can either be 10 - 45 minutes


I have just followed the the real FedEx 777f N855FD the one in IF on a few of its legs KMEM-PANC-KOAK-RJAA-RKSI-RJBB-RJAA-LFPG-KMEM and the longest it was on the ground according to flight aware was about 4 hours after the flight from RJAA to LFPG. As for how long the cargo doors are open for… how longs a piece of string?

Cargo Carriers make their money not really in how fast they can turn around a plane during the day but how fast they can sort packages at their home base. At KRDU we have a UPS MD11F that comes daily but upon arrival on friday will not leave until monday. Also they tend to schedule all of their planes arriving in their main or sub hubs all at once switch the packages that will get them closest to their final destination and shipped off within roughly 3hrs in a central ballpark figure. In a place like Memphis and Louisville cargo jets may move almost all day but if you check flight radar or flight aware around 10pm at night every night it gets very busy.

I’ve seen a UPS 757 come in, unload, fuel, load, and push in less than 45 minutes.

where is that?

Atlas 748F came into KPDX, did the same in 30.

Now that’s hustle!

The same happened to a FedEx 777. Just in about 45 minutes.

I’ve still seen them quicker anyways. Standard quick turn for a 757 is about 45 minutes.

Thanks all and this fedex gives me an idea of how long they take because if Newark to Oakland is like 6/7 hours and it shows 26hrs that means he has been at the gate for 20hrs around there so you where right @KPIT and others


That’s rare it stayed on

Really? I see it all the time.

my coworker and i loaded a 737-400 with water pumps while doing other FBO duties. The airplane came in at about lunch time and didnt leave till 9 pmish