Cargo Airliners

Does anyone know of any airlines that fly the 737-800 or 700 that are cargo airlines?

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I believe fedex does fly the 737-8 over seas, but can confirm sun country does fly the 737-8 under prime air in the U.S


Off the top of my head, Fedex, DHL, Amazon, West Atlantic, GOL and Kargo Express

But a quick Google search for B737-800BCF brings up pictures of a few including Mercadre Libre, Garuda Indonesia, WestJet Cargo, China Postal Airlines, ASL Airlines, S7 Cargo, CargoAir, Bluebird, Ethiopian Cargo, SpiceXpress and so on.

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Sun Country operates 737-800 cargo flights on behalf of Amazon.

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Aerolineas Argentinas will be operating its first cargo aircraft, the Boeing 737-800.

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Amazon air and quikjet in india operate the 738. VT-AAZ and VT-BAZ. Soon Bluedart and DHL twin livery will also operate in india

If I’m not wrong, Azul also just started flying 737-800F’s.
Alaska Airlines fly the 737-700F and so do Tianjin Air Cargo, Spice express and CargoAir

WestJet Cargo now too

On IF they do?

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Sorry, what do you mean?

Like on Infinite Flight, while choosing the 737-800 I don’t see any cargo planes or cargo airlines

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There are no cargo variants of or cargo liveries on Infinite Flight’s 737 fleet.

On IF there is none, but you can replicate real world routes with the Generic

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Bro yall are requesting all these different airlines and planes to be added but first we need to re work the ones that we have like the 767, A380 etc and then we can focus more on adding new ones

But, i would pay extra to have a Nolinor 737-200!

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Kenya Airways Cargo does fly the 737-800F

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