Cargo aircraft allowed during FNF?

hello I am currently flying in Fedex MD11F. I do it between Dubai and Adana. I saw that Adana was an airport event. I also noticed that commercial aircraft were not allowed. I am on a cargo plane. I have the right to ask myself Adana. I am on the server Expert thank you

Only military aircraft should be flying there, you will be denied from the airport and potentially ghosted for not following the NOTAMS if you continue to try and land.

Ok tanks and sorry for my English.
I am French

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Hello Enzo,
For the airports with a NOTAM only military aircraft are allowed: LTAG, LIRP, LPLA, LGSA, ETAR
This is due to the Friday Night Flight event. More information can be found here:

If you have any questions feel free to PM me or reply to this message. :)

Tanks very much its very gentle

Ok tanks to you

I can understand his question, i asked myself the same question when i saw a B777-200F
landing in LTAG…or is there a military version of it? Honestly i dont know, never flew the 777 in IF…

No there, is not a military version of the 777-200F in Infinite Flight and therefore not allowed for this event.

The fighter jets should have intercepted him and do what has to be done :)


I suppose you could look at him harshly, about all you can do in this game, which is good, better not arm the trolls to shoot down other players. Kind of meaningless to have fighters in this game IMHO. Though it gives the KC-10A flyers something

Maybe he’s a CRAF fleet contracted aircraft. Don’t know what CRAF is? Check out:


It had a callsign from a German Airline . I doubt that we fly any cargo for the US Military .

What? A plane? A german callsign? Something military?

That wasn’t German military stuff!!

German army is like:
Tanks that dont work
Helicopters that don’t fly
Guns that doesn’t shot straight
Ships that can’t drive
Planes that… well. Only got some A400Ms but they cant fly!

Why doesn’t the jets does what they had to do? That was a fake German… bad happend there!

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