Cargo Action on Weekend: Part 2: FedEx around the world: Part 1

From Friday to Sunday. That’s what it lasted my Cargo Trip from Frankfurt to Beijin Daxing, doing scale on Denver and San José (KSJC). With a total flight Time of 25:03h, I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world in 2 airlines, on 3 destinations.

Part 2: FedEx around the world: Part 1.

After landing on Denver with Lufthansa Cargo, and deloading those vaccines and toast and eggs, I knew that my trip must go on. So, I went to the cargo stands in DEN and grabbed my FedEx B77F bound to Daxing, with a stop on San José (KSJC). This topic is about my second flight, from a Busy Denver to SJC. Again, I’ve got some amazing views that you must see.

Link to Part 1:

Information about the Flight

Server: Expert
Date of Depature: 2021-03-20T17:30:00Z
Aircraft: FedEx B77F
Flight Time: 2:12h

Starting the “GE-90” engines for my second leg of the journey, as the master class ground controller @Manav_Suri does an amazing job!

Gear Up! Honestly, not a heavy depature.

Denver landscapes and Airport on Depature.

Mountain Vibes

An unexpected encounter race with a Delta 77L.

SoCal Mountain Vibes on descent. Preparing for my VIS to 30R as the Controller (also master class and supervisor) @GHamsz sends me into that RWY

Turning Final 30R. All VIS with Autopilot. Glad that I’ve enjoyed the landscapes

Parallel landing with a enemy TBM-9.

Parked at the Gate, seen from the wing of @KMSPheavy’s united B738

The final part, from SJC to Daxing will be realeased tomorrow. Make sure not to miss it :)

Happy Landings and MoUnTaIN cRaShInG ;)


nice man. Dont forget theres a fedex VA wit a really nice community. Maybe u’ll get some people to join u

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Nice pictures!

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@Ubaa and @Gaming_sniper… thank you so much 😊


Loved both parts, keep it up! 👍🏽

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Thank you sir. Now wait for the final part 👀

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I’ll keep an eye out, I’m excited!

Cheeky getting into Mateo’s comments 😉. None the less nice pictures Mateo


Stunning pictures 👍🏻

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Super cool!

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@Captain_Piotr @Henrik003 @KMSPheavy thanks so much :)

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This sounds fun. Nice pictures, too!

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Thank you:)

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Nice pictures! I love the FedEx livery, nice and simple

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Thank you :)

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