Cargo Action on Weekend: Part 2: FedEx around the world: Final Part

From Friday to Sunday. That’s what it lasted my Cargo Trip from Frankfurt to Beijin Daxing, doing scale on Denver and San José (KSJC). With a total flight Time of 25:03h, I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world in 2 airlines, on 3 destinations.

Part 2: FedEx around the World: Final Part

So, after I arrived to San Jose, I deloaded some fish and Food, and I loaded more important things, for my last leg of my trip: KSJC to ZBAD. The plane was the same FedEx B77F. For the final leg, It was a great flight. Of course, I’ve got some beautiful screenshots. Soo… here we go :)

Information About the flight

Server: Expert Server
Date of Depature: 2021-03-21T00:30:00Z
Aircraft: B77F
Flight Time: 12:28h

Loading supplies for my final leg of the trip!

Takeoff Power Set! From 30R (seen from a SWA B737)

Positive Climb… Gear Up! Lovely MOON too :)

A lovely Sunshot as we cruise at FL300


Going to Downwind at Runway 1. Beaitiful Views of The capilat City

Cleared to Land with a Night scenery as we are 500ft above

Sppotting Style to finish my journey on Daxing

Parked at the Cargo Ramp. Really enjoyed this trip. It was amazing

With that, my trip from EDDF to ZBAD, was over, which means that the “Cargo Action on the Weekend” series came to an end. With a total flight Time of +25:00h, I had the opportunity to enjoy those landscapes, airports, and the B77F. Thank you all for seeing this and coming with me in this Round Trip :) [insert dramatic speech here]

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Happy landings everyone :)


Great shots!

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Amazing pictures Mateo 🙌🏼

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