Cargo Action on Weekend: Part 1: The German Delivery

From Friday to Sunday. That’s what it lasted my Cargo Trip from Frankfurt to Beijin Daxing, doing scale on Denver and San José (KSJC). With a total flight Time of 25:03h, I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world in 2 airlines, on 3 destinations.

Part 1: The German Delivery

My trip started when I grabbed the Lufthansa B77F from EDDF to KDEN, to deliver some Vaccines and Cargo that is classified. Unfortunately, it was revelated as toast and eggs, but who cares…

Alright… without further delay, let’s get into these pics.

Information of this flight
  • Server: Expert Server
  • Date of depature: 2021-03-20T05:00:00Z
  • Aircraft: Lufthansa B77F
  • Route: EDDF to KDEN
  • Flight Time: 10:20h

Starting engines. Lovely sond of the lengedary “GE-90s”

A DHL Starting I’ts takeoff roll, and an A350 operated by @AviationFreak goes behind me for a casual and unexpected race to Denver (no one won, since no one wanted to lose)

Positive Climb… Gear Up!


Now, here comes a lovely sunrise as we enter the US airspace.

Denver Scenery! Lovely, isn’t it?

Banking Final RWY 16L. I was still getting crashed vectored by @ItsBlitz (thanks for the service BTW)

Retard, Retard. Oh, is Boeing, so is… 10ft. Anyways, just a short flare before I slammed the runway

After a long taxi… Im finally parked with some planes at DEN.

Part 2 will come with some FedEx action, with stunning views and more Cargo Action. Make sure not to miss it!

Thanks for coming and hope you enjoyed those pictures :). Make sure to check out my event in LCY and the other one in SPJC.


Great post! @JetSuperior5192
You’ve been busy 😎✈️
I like the moon shots pics a lot

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Thank you @tjb0709 :)

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Lit 😂 It was a runway change I gave you right?

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Very cool photos @JetSuperior5192!

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@ItsBlitz yeah ha ha ha

@El_YuainXD thank You:)


Mhhmmmm, surrealism at its best

Great photos!

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Thank you :)

Very nice!

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Thank you so much :)

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My pleasure!

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Part 2 is out :)

Love the photos, great job! 👍🏽

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