Carenado 390 premier IA

So today I had a thought on what new aircraft could come to infinite flight. So I thought of the Carenado 390 premier IA. Below are some pictures and information about this tiny GA aircraft

•General characteristics

•|Crew|One / Two|
•|Length| 46 ft 0 in (14.02 m)
•|Passenger Capacity|Up to seven|
•|Length|46 ft 0 in (14.02 m)|
•|Wingspan|44 ft 6 in (13.56 m)|
•|Height|15 ft 4 in (4.67 m)|
•|Empty Weight|7,996 lb (3,627 kg)|
•|Fuel Capacity|536 US gal (2,028 l)|
•|Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW)|12,500 lb (5,670 kg)|
•|Power Plant|2 x Williams International FJ44-2A, turbofan, 2,300 lbf (10.23

•Performance Specifications

•|Maximum Speed|461 kts (530 mph, 854 •km/h) at 33,000 ft|
•|Cruise Speed|440 kts (506 mph, 815 km/h) at 33,000 ft (2,750 m), 75% power (TAS)|
•|Stall Speed|96 kts (110 mph, 178 km/h) full flaps, gear down, engine at idle (CAS)|
•|Range|1,430 nm (1,645 mi, 2,648 km)|
•|Service Ceiling|41,000 ft (12,500 m)|
•|Rate of Climb|2,500 ft/min (762 m/min)|

So as you can see form the specs, it is quite a good aircraft. As displayed above, it ahs a cruise flight level of 33,000ft with a cruise speed of 440 knots at 75% power. It it also has a rotation speed of just 125 KIAS. Now below I will display a picture of what it looks like.

So yeah I would really love to see this aircraft in infinite flight because there is not much GA aircraft. Sure we have the citation x but that’s not enough. Please let me know what you think about this tiny aircraft. (All of these pictures were based of of FSX. It was hard for me to find real life pictures so I used something closer)

Credit found here

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