Careless tower control

Its was my first flight in expert and everything was normal. I requested taxi to runway 15 on SBKP. Though tower then told me that I was not permitted to enter the runway. I was clearly off it and I was told to come of it. I was unsure whether to push back off the runway or cross it. So I requested to cross it but was then reported for ghosting. What should you do if you are told to come go back to parking if you are facing the runway SBKP ground
permitted you to taxi to?


Please do as @Butter_Boi suggests in the post below, thanks.

He is TL0, he can’t PM.

What is the controllers display name at the airport?

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Post removed to help OP to find the important posts.

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Hey there! Please check your logbook and tell us the name of your controller.

Hello sir,
I was your tower, I have sent you a private message explaining why you were ghosted, and be careful with your phrasing if in fact it’s not someone else’s carelessness, ES is for expert pilots who are here to enjoy professional game experience, so maybe you should learn more if you don’t know how to fly appropriately before you join ES. That would avoid being ghosted for inappropriate behaviors