Careers in aviation

Just to get a general consensus…

  • I want to be a pilot one day
  • I want to be an air traffic controller one day
  • I want to have a different job in aviation one
  • I currently am/was a pilot
  • I currently am/was an air traffic controller
  • I currently am/was a worker in the aviation industry that wasn’t a pilot or ATC

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I’m going to attempt to Minor in Aerospace so if Wall Street doesnt work out for me, I can attempt to become an ATC.

College ain’t cheap, but I’m willing to sacrifice fun.


Great post good to see that IF is getting people into Avation C:

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LOL, I want no career in aviation.

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Embry-riddle, Air Force ROTC, bachelors degree in aeronautics, serve in the USAF for a while, then leave and fly commercially.

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I applaud your efforts and think that if you wrote something very unique about future careers in aviation and then asked some questions that could spark quality conversation, your post could totally make it into the category.

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One member of the IFC passed his commercial pilot test. Credits IF for helping him.

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Once I get past groundschool, I’m going to go take flight lessons. From there I’m going to either be a pilot for Alaska, Buffalo, or a bush pilot around the state of Alaska.

WOW that is amazing!!!

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Meh, don’t worry just leave it in general.



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Oh dang ok

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Also if you are going to, add an option for “I do not want to have a career in aviation”

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Idk if I should put that I am a pilot because it isn’t a career yet for me but I am legally a pilot, a student one. I’ll put that I want to be a pilot tho.

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Yeah that would probably be the best category

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Not really the purpose of the IFC. There are plenty of topics in #real-world-aviation regarding career paths.