Careers in ATC

:joy: Only cheap airlines fly there like EasyJet, RyanAir and Wizz or whatever it’s called. I envy them all. Thomas Cook, Thompson, Emirates and Virgin are my baes ;)
Personally, I choose to take planes from EGCC since it’s a much bigger airport and has “higher class” airlines like my baes :joy:


More new one coming Norway airline taking over. Used to be lot busier. then Excel-Zoom lots of charted flights gone bust😀 GB airways been taken over by Eazy. Yeh we get 77w everyday from Bridgetown then you got Virgin going to Orlando-Vegas… And Emirates A380s to Dubai

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My brother and his girlfriend went to Dubai from EGCC it was a B777 though :confused: They were veeerryy unlucky!! Do you remember First Choice?? Are they even a thing any more?

Really ? Where did you get this info from? :smile:

It all comes down to your leg(route)

One day I did 7 legs where my longest flight was 1.5hrs and most were 50mins so the whole time you are working your rear off! Then you throw in some weather with imc then your level of stress triples.

Yes, if you do trips from NYC to Cali it’s less stressful because most of that route once in cruise flight you are just getting handed off from one approach to the next. Same can be said about international routes. Your down time is just more. You are still making your own check points and calculations throughout your trip to make sure the computer read out is correct.

By no means am I saying pilots job is more stressful than an atc, but I wouldn’t be able to be in a dark room for more than an hr.

Yeh you gotta check the schedule. Now I think in Gatwick only one Emirates A380 a day arrival/departure and in Heathrow only twice. I check it long time back it might have changed in Heathrow

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To answer the OPs question. My suggestion is to listen to atc live and have a sectional chart to see and understand what are doing and why? Try and keep up. Also, find out if your local airport does tower tours; most do at non busy hrs. This way you get to talk to the controllers and see first hand what it’s like and how they vector traffic and way.

Start with a class d airport and move your way up. It will be easier to get appointments with them and it won’t be as busy in general so they can really answer all your questions.

Hope this helps. Yes, it’s stressful, but if you love it, then it’s worth it. All the best :)

Lot of people think crew job is easy after cruise you sit there and sip coffee chat to the girls😀 they don’t understand about monitoring perimeter, listening to atc. And get atis prepare descend… Pilot job is not job for most people it’s passion now days because you don’t get 60k anymore for first officer you get peanuts. Even the captain don’t make more then 80k anymore. far less.

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Yes, when I started I got paid 24k based out of NYC. 70% of my paycheck went to rent.

And those 5 star hotels?? Again, those are for the senior pilots flying heavies. Us regular guys live in crash pads with a room the size of a hotel with 4-6 bunk bed and share one shower.

Yes, I still love my job and wouldn’t trade it for the world, but it’s far from glamorous. At least the first 5-8 years in the airline. You do your time and then sit back and get paid xxx,xxx to fly to the Maldives and stay in a 5* on the company’s dime


Hope one day you’ll fly heavy. Keep clocking your hours. Good luck. What’s retirement age in U.S.?

My dream is to fly 74, so keeping my fingers crossed. But, honestly, I would be happy flying any aluminum tube with wings and an engine on it. Ha.

65yrs old


Should this be real world aviation?

Moving it there but apologies if I made a mistake-Pls. change it back if you feel I made a mistake.

I have Ben on a three leg 32 hour flight from London to Auckland it was really fun though

I had to stay on the plane I was just there to be refuelled

Man I would love to fly long haul freight. I have already started my training for my pilots license and should get it on my 17th birthday! My dad’s friend fly’s for FedEx and tells me nothing but good things about it! ATC seems like a boring job to me. Always stuck in the same place and dealing with people who have no clue what’s going on.

Thank you you are correct on that one.

Yeah I am about midway through my listened aswell but I want to go into commercial. I have to ask why Freight?

My dad’s friend likes flying freight due to no complaining passengers! He always says to me I chose freight because boxes don’t complain! Flying freight would also greatly eliminate the chance of there being any hijacking or accident. :)

Fair enough but on commercial you can interact with the cabin crew and sometimes passengers but I do see where you’re coming from

Well, If you accidentally cause a collision, you would be humiliated.

If you caused any of these collisions, you probably wouldn’t be able to live with yourself.

FedEx DC-10 was hijacked by a disgruntled employee.