Careers in ATC

What do you guys think of ATC careers? When I was younger I wanted to be an air traffic controller, but I thought I’d instead like to be an office dweller. So now I’m a management consultant with a certain company (I won’t say which) working in a senior position. I do like having my own ‘domain’ (office) but I don’t know if I missed my true calling. What’s ATC really like?

It is arguably the most stressful job in the world


but stressful can be fun if you enjoy it

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Interesting in my opinion! Stressful but not so much if you are interested in ATC!

Pilots have about 1 hour of the highest amount of pressure possible and then endless hours of doing nothing and sitting around!

On long haul flights you get put up in 5 star hotels and are basically given an allowance which you can do whatever you want with

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I see that taxiing is your favourite part of flight? Why is this, I am intrigued?

I just like how relaxed it is and I love planes so it is interesting to see all the different aircraft especially on RAF bases which is where I normally fly as I am only 15

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Sorry I thought my message hadn’t posted but it was a different thread! Please ignore the repeat of this message!! :smile:

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I noticed you’re a member of the atc team I know this is off topic but how long can I expect to wait to take the ATC test

I say it’s stressful because as soon as I put on the headset in a small glider and it is on Unicom the amount of chatter and noise is astonishing making me wince for the amount of information the controller must have to process

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I’m learning the ropes right now to become a Tower controller I’ll be getting certified by the FAA very soon hopefully

That’s really cool which airport are you hopping to control

Cancun MMUN Mexico

My other choices are KATL and KLAX

Sorry no it’s not the Advanced Server I’m on- just a special group on the playground. Anyway got a big meeting so got to go!

Rather then stresfull you are responsible for hundreds of lives. But now days technology taken over most of the human touch. Not all the airports are busy 24/7 you might be just sitting there. But you have to be dedicated and have passion for the job.

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At my local airport [commercial] planes come in about once every 2 hours (sometimes half an hour) but I know in places like Dubai and London air traffic is heavy.

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@jooeball In EGLL yesterday 244 arrival 638 departure. My local airport is the world busiest single main runway airport in the world. (There is another runway 26R but only for emergency and maintenance sub) it handled 183 arrival 399 departure. I can watch them from park all day if I want it. Even then it look quiet some time😀😀 . I don’t bother.

My local airport is EGGP. It had/has 45 arrivals (from 0100 to 2400 today) and 46 departures (from 0600 to 2400 today). It’s only a single runway airport so I don’t know… Obviously isn’t as much compared to yours haha.

Yeh 2 flight every 15min. not bad but for plane spotters it’s not ideal airport.😀