Career Mode

Do you guys think infinite flight should have a career mode?

A VA is almost a career mode?

Hi there!

I guess a ‘Career Mode’ would come under Virtual Airlines, flying for specific on all their routes starting with small aircraft and making your way up the ranks. Take a look at this site to find a list of active VA’s and VO’s.


But if there was an actual mode that you work yourself up from flight school, get hired by an airline and work yourself up to captain. I think it would give the sim more purpose.

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That’s all most the grade system, as you start on lower sever and work your way up! :)

That practically describes a Virtual Airline. You’d be flying in game with the career experience of flying with an airline and logging all the flights with them.

I’d highly suggest joining one if you haven’t already to get the feel and experience of them, it really does build a community in a community and is a great way to make new friends with people who like the same airline (and generally live in the same country)


What you’re describing sounds similar to Infinite Passengers, a third party addon for IF. There are Virtual Airlines as well as @Ecoops123 mentioned, but most don’t have the full experience of being “hired” and many don’t have flight schools. I do recommend checking them out though.


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