Career mode for VAs

Since there are so many IFVAs now, another idea that I think would be great is creating a career mode in which pilots fly for their VAs (or independently) and the VAs can compete with one another. Pilots can apply to join a VA, and good pilots that fly independently can be recruited by VAs based on their performances. Simple stats such as landings, flight performance grades, airline revenues and reputation can all be taken into account when creating the ranking system for all VAs.

Doing something like this can give pilots more reasons to fly and enjoy doing it. We’d almost have a real world replica of the aviation industry :). Add to this new feature while pilots fly with a few companion apps like IF Assistant and the experience for everyone becomes even more golden.

So what’s your Idea now? I don’t get it. There are multiple VAs who have a career mode system.


So many people have thought this idea, even I made a post about this, or at least I think about it.

A career mode. Currently we have Solo, and Live. The idea is adding a VA Career mode. Careers in a VA is completely up to the VA but now we’re talking more about how the VA’s can compete in the virtual aviation industry.

Well to be honest, this would be pretty cool. But what’s the point when there is already a career mode on your VA’s website?

Yes, and I am saying, that is a career mode in that VA alone. Now I’m talking more about, a career mode in the aviation industry.

For example, being a football player for a single team your entire career is what we have now with VAs and their websites. What I am suggesting now is, instead of isolating these VAs and having them do their thing, let’s bring them all together now and have… FIFA. In other words, a VA Career mode where you can join VAs or be VA on IF.

Well I think that’s smart, but I won’t vote for it until I see an actual point in having this…

This can be done (and would be very cool) with multiple VAs, but I’m not understanding why it would need to be in-app… since you put it in #features. You could create this right now all by yourself and start it up.

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Exactly! There’s no need to have it in-game when you can just go to the internet (VA website)…

After a while things on IF tend to repetitive unless you have all sorts of companion apps to have a better flying experience but after a while that would also get repetitive. Adding variety is the idea here.

Alright, I see what you mean. But after adding this and having it for a long time, it’ll also be repetitive, don’t you think?

Lol. Vicious circle. IF will keep adding new features to stay competitive and I think simpler ideas like this could be considered.

Wouldn’t it be made easy for everybody if it was accessible in-app? Of course we could definitely start a “league” like that ourselves but, there are some other commitments we have beyond IF.