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Hi there! I know this topic would’ve suited the features category better but unfortunately I can’t post there yet due to my trust level most probably.

I lack programming skills but I have a very good lead on an add-on that could fulfill the wishes of realism enthusiasts that use IF.

IF Career could be an app or an in-game add-on that would come up in the pause menu (right next to Load and Calibrate), recording a set of info regarding the upcoming flight and registrating it as a task.

This would address Cargo & Passenger operations only.

Basically, after choosing a region and an aircraft - exclusively in pilot live mode - the user would activate this add-on telling them that they have a load of 20 pax and that they have to fly it from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur with a minimum flight time of 20 minutes.

The system would record a set of data regarding what the user is doing - speed, time, load, vertical speeds and so on and at the end the app or add-on would issue a report grading the user.

At the end of the flight, should they respect requirements, users would get XP points.

Later on, when IF will add engine start and shutdown or doors functions, the system could count those factors in too.

I know that the “careers” concept may have come up in the past but I am willing to actually think this concept through and make it real.

Let me know what you think and contact me in case you consider that we could create something interesting out of it, together!


I like this idea, but the problem is:[quote=“Laur_Cristopher, post:1, topic:28655”]
At the end of the flight, should they respect requirements, users would get XP points.
What about those who don’t want to use this feature? Those “pro” pilots would get huge amounts of XP.


I think this is a good idea in concept, but would ruin the whole “flight simulator” aspect of the app


We could have it as a separate mode. You know, a “just for the heck of it” mode.


Personally I think that just makes it more game-like and less simulator-like.

Just my opinion.


Pro pilots should get huge amounts of XP! It’s mainly statistics. Getting 100 XP more than usual would’t unbalance anything. The amount is just an example anyhow.

And I respect your opinion, mate.

Infinite Flight – where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter. XP is the least of my concerns.


Well, you would want to know how much “pro” pilots get for doing it. 100 XP is ok, but it could get a little overboard, you know?

Maybe some feel the need of adding this game-like feature. It would not affect your or anyone’s simulating experience by any means. Whereas game-like fans are affected by the absence of such a feature. ^^

Well, like I said, it could be a separate mode for IF. Nothing related to Live.

It should be a separate mode, so people won’t complain that average joes don’t get anything.

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That is true. Still, it would be a pitty to miss all the Live traffic. I actually think that there is no harm done in operating it in the same game instance.

Aerofly has something similar. I like the idea of having a real purpose when flying.

I love this idea. So with the old 1997 Microsoft Flight Simulator there was a company called Just Flight,, (still around by the way) that came up with a Add-On for a game called Cargo Pilot. They also had others but I only did Cargo Pilot so I’ll stick with that for first hand knowledge.

The way it worked was you open Cargo Pilot on your PC and you started a “business” and the only thing you could afford was a small Cessna. You would take a “job” where it would tell you to fly from X location to X location within a certain time frame. Once you accepted a job and were ready to fly you started the actual Flight Simulator. Cargo Pilot ran in the back ground and would monitor flight time, altitude, speed, weather you used your lights correctly, landing and so on. Then when your flight was over it would give you the “money” for the job completion as well as bonus money depending on how well the flight was.

The beautiful part was that it never actually integrated with the game, it just ran in the background. So anybody who doesn’t like the idea of a “career” mode wouldn’t even know that it existed. It wouldn’t be an option or a button or anything. I say you are better off making an app that monitors IF instead of something that integrates with it. Sounds like the Dev team is extremely busy already so a separate app would be the way to go. I don’t have the know-how to build something like that but I’m definitely down for helping out in anyway I can.


Sounds a bit like how a VA works.

I like the idea of a career mode but in the fact that you start in a C172 and have to build up XP / Landings etc before moving up to next size aircraft. However as we have paid to buy aircraft I can’t see how that would be implemented.

It would be an option. If you wanted to advance your career you’d fly whatever aircraft you left off with. If not then you just fly whatever you want as you do right now

That could easily be solved by rethinking career advancement methods. So, does anyone know programming?

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