Card Declines Purchasing Infinite Flight Pro

I recently bought a ‘Prezzy’ gift card that uses visa. I bought infinite Flight around 12 hours ago as I am on a new device. My card has $40 on it, yet it keeps declining, although I was able to purchase IF in the first place.
Is it because I purchased IF recently and my card didn’t get charged? What can I do?

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Some payment methods does not allow for subscriptions to be purchased using them. If you have the necessary funds, it is one of the more likely reasons.

For more information, see below:


Thanks for your reply!
The problem is that my card works to purchase IF, but not inside the app. It has worked before on other apps and IAP. Should I wait until I have had the app longer, or contact the card company?


The purchase you refer to as “inside” is a store purchase none the less. We don’t handle any purchases or transactions and can’t see the reason as to why a purchase might be declined :)

Best option would be to contact the card company and check with them if they can see anything. If not, contact Play Store / App Store


Thank you so much for your help with this issue! I’ll contact the company and in the meantime keep trying to get it to work.

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A good work-around to this is to order an email app store gift card and send it to yourself using your gift card, and then use your app store credits to purchase the IF subscription.
Make sure you order the app store gift card and not the apple store gift card, otherwise that will be a huge bummer (it don’t work) and I’ve had that happen to me before.


This works! I can confirm that :)

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That or my way of doing it is by stopping by a target or any store 1/2 times per month and getting 20$ Apple iTunes Gift Card and load it into my account. FYI it gets expensive over time, but for me, I have 3 apps that are subscription-based so works on my end.