Carbon flyer

Hi, I’m about to buy a Carbon flyer so I would like your opinion about it. Thanks.

(Not my photo):

  • Looks good, you should buy it
  • Don’t waste your money for this

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Took a quick look. Very small, uses bluetooth 4.0 so make sure your phone supports this. Fairly short range. Only 3 minutes of flying time. Website appears to be down. Looks like a decent toy but not sure if it is worth the price.


I read that it is controlled by your phone, so I don’t like it.

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U should probably save this money and use it when ur live expires(if u have) and if u don’t buy it

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I saw a video on youtube and they flew during 7 min.
If you want to watch it: Carbon flyer battery time test.

I’d suggest spending the money on a quadcopter or other plane with fpv equipment.


But they’re more expensive like $600 USD and I live in Canada so it’s 780$ and taxes for shipping.

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The website is down just a warning this might be a scam

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Why would it be a scam if the website is down? Don’t many websites go down?

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Well not if they are a company they should be with a website disigner group which won’t go down. Also there online shop meybe getting attacked this is why it’s down so o suggest you don’t buy one and spend it on a drone or something

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The good website is carbon flyer 2.0. (The new version)

Just bought one… Now comes the waiting part 😁

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It was once brought on the Discovery Science series of “Make it Rich”. I highly recommend you buy it. It has many features including Auto-glide wich means it automatically glides and lands if you get out of range or batteries run out and it’s pretty good at aerobatics. And is crash-proof too. Literally. Yes it’s built with carbon fiber so it won’t brake if you crash it. And much more. I’d definitely buy this bad boy if I was you.

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