Carbon Cub

Yes! You guessed it, I am requesting the Carbon Club, one of the best known GA aircraft of all time. Technically a more modernized J-3 Club. She take take off in no distance and would be great with the extremelyow speeds for Airport Spotting. Traffic Patterns and more! I know the hype is all about big jet planes like the A350 and the TBM930. But let’s face it. This plane is a legend!

That was from Redirect Notice

Might want to include a source of where you found the awesome picture to avoid copyright claims…
Other than that, This aircraft is great!

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Alright. I did. Thanks!

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It’s not Club though, it’s Cub :)

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Isn’t it a duplicate?

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Well, but that one was over a year old…

Thanks for your request today. However, this is a duplicate request. Next time please search before posting and/or contact a moderator prior to making a duplicate request. :)