Car smashed onto runway in Lyon!

As @Balloonchaser said above, although he was a major inconvenience this could have ended a lot worse then it did he could have injured people and caused severe damage to the airport and airplanes I’m just glad no one was hurt

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It’s not about how this could end (of course, this could end up worse), but the main reason is: how can he reach the runway?

The Guardian reports that he went through security, toll booth and the arrival hall… of course they don’t want to take the risk to shoot an innocent, but now the passengers are/were screwed.

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Yeah, ikr i personally play GTA V, and people think its ok to do crazy stunts like this, i mean in real life, who just burst through the gates of an airport while you have 20 cops behind you. (TBH, I think it isn’t the cause, but it might have been.

I still don’t get it…
Mind: ‘Let’s travel in the wrong direction, go through a fence, security, arrival hall and run on the runway’?

Yeah, that’s crazy

Unfortunately we live in a crazy world, and i think we are still a little naive when it comes to location security - given some of the above events were preventable

However, i echo the other comments here and im glad he/she/they had no other motives and there was no loss of life or serious injury

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Hope there are no injuries 😬 Not heard of something like this before…

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