Car smashed onto runway in Lyon!

(Sorry for my bad English)

What happened?

A man in Lyon came on the runway, the car went pretty fast and around twenty police cars and a helicopter stopped him. The Guardian reported that he went through a fence and a toll booth, and the AD (Dutch journal) reports that he came through the arrival hall.

What is the result of this ‘accident’?

Some flights are diverted to Marseille, more than 80 flight are cancelled, due to investigation.

The motivation of this is unclear, the 31-years old man is unknown to the police. He is arrested.

This is what a spokesman said:
“Around 10.30 this morning an individual travelling in the wrong direction on the A43 motorway was pursued by members of the motorway CRS (police) and a helicopter from the National Gendarmerie.

“Arriving at the Lyon-Bron airport, he forced his way through the security barriers before heading towards the airport of Lyon Saint-Exupéry where again, he forced the security barriers with his vehicle.

“Followed by the forces of law and order, he drove into Terminal 1 with his car before getting to the runway, where he was overpowered by those forces and arrested.”


What do you guys think, could this be prevented?

More info will come later today.


I’m amazed he managed to get the car all the way to the runway! The terminal didn’t even stop him, which is incredible. Hopefully there are no injuries and everything can return to normal quickly.

I wonder what changes, if any, in security will come from this?

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Personally, I think this ended the best way possible…

Did he kill anyone? No
Did he strike any aircraft? No
Did he cause a lot of damage? No

With all of those examples above… This Could have gone a lot worse. All they really have to do is repair the gates and a couple of other things and Transport the diverted passengers to Lyon


That’s true, but hundreds of people are stranded at the airport because their flight is cancelled

This guy we know is crazy so I think GTAV was his motive. Anyway amazing detail about this incident! Some people just post an article but you did a great job explaining!

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Thank you! I appreciate it!

As stated above, could have been a lot worse. At least there was no plane on the runway; that would have been quite the mess :)


By “arrested” you mean ghosted, right? :)

Seriously though, authorities should review security concepts and procedures. Incidents like this, with no serious consequences, are good opportunities to do it thoroughly and without sense of urgency.


Woah woah woah woah…WHAT!!!

I mean who would do that, he could’ve injured a lot of people potentially including lots of children.

That guy is an absolute lunatic, and might be charged with murder attempt since he drove a car through a building packed with people.

Like @Balloonchaser said this could’ve ended a lot worse and lots of people could have been hurt. It’s good this ended in the best scenario.

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Not again. The car must be really beat up by now.

I know people using Apple Maps were guided onto an active + controlled taxiway at PAFA (Fairbanks), but there arent gates there.

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I wouldnt joke around, this is quite serious what has happened!

Please read the whole topic:

Prevention through education…

I think the world in general is severely lacking in mental health awareness and education. Too many incidents occur on a daily basis which could have been avoided in most cases. Law Enforcement, Property Security and signage aren’t enough to resolve incidents like this.

Some things to think about. Are we just too busy to help one another anymore? Are we not taking time to show some sympathy and empathy? Were there signs that lead to these events? Is stress and the fear of failure overwhelming?

I think we should all take a little more time to look out for one another. Just taking that incident at KSEA a few weeks back. The Beatles had a perfect song to exemplify what I’m getting at with a good tune.

Beatles - With a Liitle Help From My Friends

We need to be more proactive rather than reactive to everything. It won’t solve the worlds problems but we could all chip in and do a better job. Can we prevent all incidents from even happening; probably not but we need to do a better job of helping one another.


The might not of been able to catch up until he wrecked.

Was anyone hurt? I hope not.

So far I know, no one is injured

UPDATE: Today at Lyon: 28 arrivals and 24 departures were cancelled.

The car is registered in Luxembourg. French media reports that the car had a foreign number plate, but this isn’t confirmed by the police.

The police also confirmed that nobody was injured.

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All those police cars, wow!

Oh thank goodness for that, that could’ve been a lot of people!

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It’s a miracle no one was hurt.

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