Capturing the ILS when no ILS (through GPS)

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Haven’t been here for a while. One used to be able to select a runway to catch G/S and LOC. I can’t seem to find a way to set an ILS on the GPS when there is no ILS (does that make sense?). When you select RUNWY, if there is no ILS available, one always used to have an ILS. Is this no longer the case?


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I’m not too sure about being able to set ILS on a runway without ILS instruments. But no, you are unable to do so now.

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You can only tune into the ILS or a VOR/NDB. The old, classic GPS approach isn’t exiting anymore, but just a visual approach if you’d wish to call it that.

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One thing I do if one end of the runway has ILS while the other doesn’t, I set the ILS to the opposite runway, so then I can at least keep centerline.


So no ILS means you’re going visual, right?

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Essentially, yes. ILS/GPS approaches are treated the same way by ATC, but a visual approach is different.


Not necessarily, there are different types of approaches besides ILS

With the current system in IF it means that you have to fly visually (or with your FPL or via VOR or …), yes. It’s different IRL.

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