Capture the Airport! #1 - Warbirds {CLOSED} @ Sydney - 292100ZJUL17

Server: Casual

Region: Sydney

Airport: YSCN & YSBK

Time: 2100Z

When: July the 29th (UTC. Changes around the world)

Hello and welcome to the first addition of…

Capture The Airport - A Spinoff of “Capture the Flag”

This times’s theme… Warbirds!


16 people spawn at two different airports in teams with similar planes. Each team’s players take off and stay airborne until “the whistle” on this topic is blown. The two teams fly to the enemy’s airport. They have to be the first plane to safely land and park at the enemy airport to win. You declare your victory by saying (on this topic as quick as possible) I reached XXXX airport! Therefore that team wins.

Of course there is a twist. You can get a enemy out by flying your plane into theirs. Head ons are not accepted. the plane that just got out has to fly back to their base, do a touch and go safely and return to the battle zone. They can continue fighting.

Each member of the event will be invited to two discord servers. One for their team and battle strategies, and the other is for both teams when the game begins. With you, you must have a seperate device next to you so you can be on the discord at the same time. When the game starts you will go on that server with a seperate device. If (In the event) you hit someone and score you say (On the Discord) XXXXXX (Callsign) Is out. That person will then know to return to base.
Be a good sport
Have Fun
Congratulate the winning team.
Be a Bad Sport.
Get Angry.
Hate the other team via the forum or Discord.


The prize is the fun of the game and the adventure.

This week: Warbirds.

Team red will come in P-38s and Team blue in Spitfires.
Team Red will be at YSCN
Team Blue at YSBK

Gates (Team Blue) YSBK
@ Aussie_Cockatoo Parking: GATE 1
@Aussie_Wombat GA 01
@KTJ_Mitchell GA 03
@Alfonso22 A 04
@DsG_Ace GA 05
@ Free GA 06
@ Free GA 07

Gates (Team Red) YSCN
@William_Croft GA 01
@Fynn GA 02
@JoeyTheNarwhal GA 03
@oscar_mur GA 04
@Apollo13 GATE 1
@ Cpt.Myles GATE 2
@ Free GATE 3
@ Free GATE 4

Hope to see you all there!


This sounds really cool. Shame I can’t make it, i wont have live by then.

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Ok! I’m there!!! Sign me up

Just a suggestion but: why don’t to create a Discord server where we can talk and instead of replying on the community the whistle can be blown on the voice chat

The server can be used for future events!


Wow! I have just been practising with the Spit and it’s amazing! I’m flying with a joystick and it’s soo cool! It has an amazing gliding range. I’m suprised. If only it had a cockpit!

May i join team red because this looks absolutely brilliant something that can not be missed

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If your team red I’ll be team blue 😏

haha could i have a gate

I choose the team to make it fair btw.

I would love to come to this event! But unfortantly for my time, it’s 5:00a.m. and I’m still sleeping. I won’t waste health for an event 🤷🏼‍♀️


New thing! Discord server for each team!
(Coming in about 7hrs. Busy now)

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Your idea for this event is very creative and sounds like loads of fun. I would love to show up however I will be in Holiday in Hawaii and won’t have internet. I will definitely show up to the next capture the airport event.

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Okay! I think next time it will be one day of the week earlier and 3hrs later because many people can’t fit it into their schedule.

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I think you will get more replies throughout the week, and because the event is on a Saturday I’m sure you will get a good turnout. Also, you did post this on a Sunday when people might not necessarily be on the forum. Hopefully you will be able to fill up all the spots, and won’t have to reschedule the event.
-Cheers Moosehead :)

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Put me in team blue please. I really like this idea.

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Sign me up for red team!

Nvm I just checked my work schedule and I will be working that day.

But do make a video on it for YouTube and send me link

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What time is this AEST? I think the converter is fooling me.

7am AEST. That is the starting time.